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Document Quality Controls

Document production must provide zero defect integrity to protect health, financial and personally identifiable information.


  • All inserting and assembly equipment utilizes 1D and 2D barcode technology to preserve document integrity

  • Operators utilize online controls that provide standard start-up, during the run and ending checklists.  These checklist are customized to meet the requirements of the application

  • All assembly processes are fully auditable.  A long term record is produced preserving the history of every document that was produced.  Who approved it.  Who imaged it.  Who assembled it.  All of these properties are preserved for future use.

  • All document types use security technologies that meet compliance requirements.

  • At the conclusion of every mailing, the system emails all contacts regarding the mailing event.  All stakeholders are informed regarding the entire processing, imaging and assembly phases of application at all times.  Users click on the email to log-in and examine any aspect of the mailings and email.

Physical & Online Security Controls

Publicly accessible systems are isolated from internal systems by dedicated firewall components. SSL is used to secure data transmission over public networks. Automated network traffic and system analyzers notify personnel of attempted breaches to security.


  • Privacy of documents and document data is provided by many of the following practices.

  • Every document and package is identified and tracked throughout the processing, printing and assembly process.

  • Barcode identification of all documents in assembly. Highly secure assembly control and tracking schemes in use.

  • Data systems control access to data.

  • Physical site security includes key card access controls, camera surveillance and secured areas.

  • Assembly operations are fully tracked and recorded.

  • Encryption / decryption of data using HIPAA accepted methods.

  • Record all document access activity.

  • Data and document destruction policy.

  • Confidentiality agreements annually renewed by all employees in contact with protected health information

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