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The client will provide us a list

of the various data fields in their

data file that they will upload to our site each month

This example shows

1. what the field is

2. its location in the file

We will do a mock up of the bill they want

Then match it to the list they provided

This lets the programmers know where the various

data should print on the bill.

Sale Sample Design

We ask the client to give us ANY idea they want

It does not have to look good

They can even just scribble on a page like this

we will make it look like the sample below

We will turn that hand sketch into this

Sales Sample Cert Read

Certified Reads are created using our Meter Reading Software provided by:

Once the Certified Read is created it can be sent up to our billing department and seamleslly mereged with your bill print file so the photo can be printed right on the bill

I would be happy to put you in contact with someone in our Meter Reading division to talk about how you can get this started

certified meter reading
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